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Greater New Orleans Senior Olympics

Welcome to GNOSO.net.  We devote considerable effort to presenting all pertinent GNOSO information for our viewers.  Our web-site includes: an easy-to-understand Calendar of Events, an "Event Page" for each Event offered in the Games; there is also is a LINK to the LSOG Rules Book which clarifies how to participate in GNOSO Competition.  Each "bar" on the "Menu" (grey vertical stripe on the left) represents a LINK to access a list of Event Coordinators for the Current Year; a common page for viewing all Event Results, or any other information a Senior would need..

Upkeep of this web-site is possible ONLY with the cooperation of each GNOSO Event Coordinator, and the GNOSO Administration.  It is VITAL that GNOSO information remains up-to-date and current.  ONLY by Real-time NOTIFICATION to the Web-master of any and all changes that occur in schedule, venues or personnel contacts, can be that information be posted to the web-site. With every expectation that Coordinators will do so, "Welcome to the world of information availability!"  Happy Browsing! (PS - if you do not find the answer any of your questions pertaining to GNOSO Events, please contact our web-master by clicking on this THIS LINE.)

GNOSO's 2016 Senior Olympiad has been Completed!  All Events have been Reported and are being Posted to this Web-site (except Arts & Crafts, which was submitted in Paper form only, which your Webmaster has mislaid).

GNOSO HOPES EVERYONE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE AAAneurysm Outreach FREE COMMUNITY SCREENING on July 16.  We continue to post their LOGO and link to their website for further information:

AAAneurysm Outreach logo

Starting in 2017 GNOSO, Results will Accessed via the Main Menu Only!

FOR the 2017 Olympiad, ALL RESULTS will be accessed from the Menu tab "Results - All," rather than from Individual Web Event pages.  This reduces "clutter" on individual Web Event Pages and affords rapid "year-to-year" comparison of Results.  A SIMILAR approach to viewing "last 4 years' " PHOTOS is currently in the works.

THE 2017 GAMES will Commence in February, 2017:
GNOSO's On-Line Registration is CURRENTLY INACTIVE, but will ACTIVATED for the 2017 Games as soon as the schedule and Venues have been set

  • Athletes were encouraged to register "On-Line" for the 2017 Games using a "Register Now" button
  • As each registration deadline passes for any Event, that Event will no longer show on the ActiveNet page for GNOSO Registration.
  • Users who Register On-Line receive immediate confirmation of their Registration, and a receipt for any payment.

"Paper Registration Form" with Mail-in and Payment via Check Will Remain a Secondary Option in 2017

Athletes may continue to use the less-preferred Paper Entry Form Mail-in to Register.  This method, however, requires:

  • Previous-year Participants will receive a Paper form via US Mail
  • Or, Participants may "download" a Paper form from this web-site (using a clearly-identified LINK to "download" the form)

Athletes who register via the Paper Entry form receive neither confirmation nor a receipt for payment (GNOSO had over 910 Registrations in 2016; there simply is not enough time to manually respond individually; On-Line responses are automatic.)

PLEASE NOTE: Registration information, whether received from On-Line Registration or via  Mail-in, is entered into the ONE database that ActiveNetwork maintains on-line for GNOSO.  GNOSO does not have the resources to maintain two separate databases. 


GNOSO - an organization devoted to "over-fifty" individuals enjoy a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and have FUN! You don't have to be a Super-Jock to participate in GNOSO Events. Oh, the Games have super-athletic events, but GNOSO serves ALL SENIORS - NOT JUST ATHLETES. We have an event to fit your life-style. Regardless of whether you are a Vince Breaux, who can Bench Press 450 pounds (as a 69-year-old)
or are a 90+ year-old participant who does Washer Pitch plays Bridge, does Team Dancing or does Track & Field, we have something for you. GNOSO's goal is to get Seniors off the couch, out of the doctors offices, and into a Healthy Lifestyle, whether for the exercise, or for the social values of being around other Seniors. We are an all-volunteer staff (except the Program Director), dedicated to presenting the best that Louisiana has to offer in Senior Olympics.

MEET THE CHAMPIONS! Click for Bernice Bordelon

Bernice Bordelon has set 10 GNOSO Track & Field Records, more than any other woman of any age. Robert Baker has WORLD Records!

2010 Results Newsletter

Remember, Life Begins at 50!

MISSION: GNOSO's Mission is to provide seniors over the age of 50, quality venues to participate in a variety of athletic, recreational and social activities, all of which promote wellness and an active lifestyle.

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